6 Reasons Why Every Tourist Should Travel By Bike

Enjoy Freedom

Bikes provide you the freedom to go at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about schedules anymore. You can stop over to take the picture of a beautiful sunset, which can not avail if you are opting to travel via public transport. If you find anything intriguing, you can take a random turn and see it unfold. All these are liberties that you can not enjoy if you are taking any other transportation option other than bike.

Improves Your Health

With out sedentary lifestyles, we have become more of a couch potato and if you want to buck that trend then, travelling via bicycle is your best bet. From getting your heart racing to getting your legs a workout, cycling is a great way to keep you active and healthy. Throw in some fresh air and cool breeze in the morning into the mix and you get a perfect recipe for starting your day on a brilliant note. This can significantly improve your mood and have numerous health benefits.

Not only does cycling strengthen your heart but also improves muscle flexibility and strength. Moreover, it also reduces stress, burn excess body fats and strengthen your bones. All this and much more makes cycling an ideal choice for health-conscious tourists.

Meet New People

When you get off the downtrodden path, you tend to meet interesting people that other tourists can not meet because they are following the traditional path. There are local people who have never seen foreigners before but eagerly wants to meet them. They are much more hospitable and would love to invite you for a coffee or a dinner. They might also help you find the right accommodation, offer you some freshly grown produce and could guide you on which route you must follow.

Getting off the beaten path


Adventure loving fans would surely appreciate taking a bike tour of the city because it let them off the tried and tested path and help them venture into uncharted territories. Additionally, if you are in a crowded city such as London, Paris or Dubai and fail to take the picture of Eiffel Tower or could not arrange the Dubai city tour. You get the feeling that you trip is incomplete, right. With bike, you don’t have to worry about the crowds and traffic jams as you can get past them easily.



When you travel to a new country, the biggest chunk of your budget will go to accommodation. Did you know what is at second position? Its transportation, Yes, you read that right. You can either choose from a car, bus or bike. Traveling via car will cost you six times more than travelling via bike so bike is way cheaper than the car. Buses might follow a shorter route to save fuel cost but you will be left barren as you miss out on some spectacular views and buildings that the city have to offer. All in all, bike travel is not only affordable but also let you see everything you want to see in a city.

Environment Friendly

Most tourists traveling to their favorite destination might ignore the fact that bike rides are more environmentally friendly but that does not reduce its significance. With Global Warming endangering our planet, it is time we do some collective effort as well as play our role as an individual to save our planet earth. Bikes don’t leave carbon footprint caused due to burning of fossil fuels therefore, it is not damaging the environment at all. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for any other transportation method you choose. Another positive change that will come in your personality if you start to travel by bike is that you will appreciate mother nature and the beauty it possesses. The same can not be said when you are travelling in a gasoline guzzling land cruiser or an air conditioned wagon.

Which reason would persuade you to travel by bike on your next trip? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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