Must Read -All about Making career In Mechanical Engineering

This field of job discipline requires an expertise in mechanics, dynamics, material science, electricity and others in order to become a full-time engineer for any organization. It is also added with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and product life-cycle management as a tool which helps in major implications of mechanics in its discipline. There are some of the most trending designations like- Mechanical Design Engineer, Supervisor, Head and others.

What courses need to pursue making a career in this field?

Candidates need to be a graduate of Mechanical Engineer in B.Tech from a recognized university. If any added qualification of masters, certificate course or diploma is there, it will be considered as an advantage for the candidates who are willing to apply for the high-ranked position. In this, there are different courses available like in Mechanical engineering, Piping Design and engineering Course, Master of Engineering in tool design, Robotics course etc.

A candidate can choose their speciation field according to their interest and market scope. There are various government and private colleges which offer degree or training certificate. Candidates need to complete their training program in order to familiarize with different kinds of machines and their working.

Role and responsibilities of mechanical engineers:

Mechanical engineers work on the machines in order to design the machine equipment’s or to repair them. They need to work with Engines, Generators, Steam and Gas turbines as well as power-using machines such as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. They design other machines inside buildings, such as elevators and escalators.

Key skills required to build a career in Mechanical engineering:

A mechanical engineer needs to work with machines all the times; they must have strong knowledge about the functioning of every machine.

•          Effective technical skills.

•          The ability to work under pressure.

•          Problem-solving skills.

•          Creativity.

•          Interpersonal skills.

•          Verbal and written communication skills.

•          Commercial awareness.

•          Team working skills


All these skills are also necessary in order to achieve success in the mechanical field.

Scope and job prospects for mechanical engineers:

Mechanical engineering has good demand on the present market. In oil or Gas industry there is a great demand of the young talent. They can get a job easily in any location in all around the world. This field is abundant in nature which provides a great exposure as well as huge scope in getting jobs at best place.

A mechanical engineer can earn an average salary of Rs. 337,899 per year. Salary may vary according to the post, experience; organization. This salary may vary according to the post, qualification, experience, and organization.

There are various big or small private companies such as Tata Motors, Bajaj, Hero, Layland, Honda and many government sectors like BARC, BHEL, NTPC, ISRO where one can get Mechanical Jobs opportunities in different fields.

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