IOS 11 is Almost Here. Renew Your iPhone

This fall your iPhone is getting a new operating system. Apple’s WWDC 2017 kicked off on Monday and Tim Cook announced a fresh new update for the life line of iPhone and iPad, the iOS. Everyone who owns an iPhone/iPad is constantly waiting for an update. After a few months these fresh new tricks and features will be present in everyone’s devices. Let’s take a look at the key features:

Siri is more human:

Siri is always so much fun, everyone wants more of her. The iPhone assistant sounds more human now and will have the ability to do real-time translation in Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Siri will also watch what you browse and search for, taking the role of virtual assistant more seriously. It will become proactive to the extent that it can give real-time suggestions in other apps related to the search activities you do.

Better Storage:

The biggest complaint any smartphone user has is making space in the phone. Apple focuses on freeing up storage space in iOS 11. Apple has introduced a new feature where the Messages will be synced and stored to iCloud for better messaging experience. Now the users get the notifications across all devices and can also delete messages simultaneously. Not only this, a couple of improvements in photos and video capturing will also make sure that the image size is reduced without compromising quality. Apple has also introduced a provision to delete unused apps automatically and a feature called “auto delete old conversations” that deletes data in the Messages app that’s more than a year old to free up extra space.

Revamped Control Centre:

Without the shortcuts available in control centre, iPhone users would be spending a lot of time on searching for functions in Settings. Currently the control centre is divided into two pages which has been redesigned to fit in a single screen space giving it the tile effect.

Fun Photos:

Apart from taking up less space, live photos are more fun in iOS 11. The live photos will now be editable as well as Boomerang style animations like looping, rewind etc. could be applied to highlight a key piece of action.

New and improved Apple Maps:

Every iPhone user has always complained that Apple maps are of no use and nowhere near Google maps in terms of accuracy. The new Apple maps now have gone indoors with a detailed map of airports, malls, restaurants and many such public places around the world. Not only that, the iPhone will now shut down notifications when you are driving and go into Do Not Disturb mode to ensure you a safe driving experience.

Apple Pay:

Apple Pay takes the mobile payment platform to a whole new level by making it possible for iPhone users to use Apple Pay to send direct payments to friends. It is the stuff PayPal already did but without the hassle of apps.

Not only these, Apple has come up with lots of other updates and features like redesigned and renewed App store which looks like News, a new speaker called HomePod for Siri, merging the lock screen notifications and notification centre and lots of fun updates for iPad users.  Unearth the additional features in beta version of iOS 11 getting available this July.

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