Chinese President, Xi Jinping, arrived in Hong Kong to celebrate 20th anniversary

July 1, Saturday, marks the anniversary of Hong Kong’s autonomous rule after the British government handed over the city to China. To celebrate the anniversary, Chinese President arrived in Hong Kong on Thursday. He addressed the press right after landing saying that he still respects the system of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ and just as the city has had full support of the central government for the past 20 years, it will continue to do so in the future too. Since July 1, 1997 Hong Kong has stayed autonomous from China and had separate laws and government.

To welcome the President, huge banners have been placed over the highway which Xi Jinping will take to reach the city. On the airport he was welcomed by a bunch of children in red caps waving Chinese and Hong Kong flags. The flags have also been hung from buildings and windows all over the city. While the president is in the city, he will be attending lots of events and celebrations. He is expected to have dinner withHong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung and his successor, Carrie Lam,on Thursday evening. Xi will be visiting People's Liberation Army base on Friday and in the evening a gala has been organised. Xi will be leaving the city on Saturday after swearing in Carrie Lam and attending a flag hoisting ceremony to mark the anniversary of Hong Kong’s autonomous rule.

Amidst all the celebrations, the protests are also expected. The protesters are taking the hanging of banners and flags all over the city rather angrily on social media. Saturday’s celebration is expected to draw in a lot of protestors along with celebratory civilians. Already 26 protesters have been arrested by the police. Many protesters climbed the 6-metre high sculpture of the bauhinia flower while others sat at the base of the flower and chained themselves together.

Keeping in mind the protests and the swearing-in ceremony, tight security has been designed during the president’s visit. Xi is supposed to stay in the Wan Chai district which has been partially closed for the public.Many events are scheduled to take place in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where 2-ton barricades have been erected on the road. In total 300 barricades have been put up. Almost one-third police force have been involved in the security arrangements. Even the journalists have been warned that if they are found doing activities unrelated to reporting duties, they will be ejected from the event.

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