Unsend Messages on WhatsApp

Everyone has been embarrassed by sending a message to the wrong person or to a wrong group on WhatsApp sometime or the other. Next time you do that; you will be able to unsend the message. Yes, WhatsApp is working on a feature in the future update which can delete the message from the recipient’s phone. They plan on calling it the “Recall” feature. With this feature, the users will be able to recall all types of messages like text messages, images, videos, GIFs, documents, quoted messages and even status replies.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. The users will get a 5-minute window to delete the already sent message from the recipient’s device. It is possible to do so only within the next five minutes of sending the message, the users will not be able to recall very old messages. Moreover, if the recipient opens and reads the message, the sender will lose the opportunity to recall the message. Users can recall the message only if it has not been opened or read by the recipient.

WhatsApp has already released a beta version with this feature for testing and is planning to launch the feature for general users in their version “2.17.30+” as stated by the popular Twitter account WABetaInfo.

Recalling a message is very simple. The user just has to view the message options and click on recall option. The message gets recalled from recipient’s device and a chat bubble stays on the screen which says “You recalled this message”.

WhatsApp is not the only platform providing a chance to delete what’s done in the digital world. Outlook has been providing the option of recalling your mails since many years now. In outlook users can recall and retrieve the unread copies of emails from the recipient’s system provided that the email has been unopened by the recipient. Even Facebook has a feature of deleting the post after it has been posted by the user. But doing that on a chat platform has always been a difficult task.

WhatsApp has been planning on this feature since a long time now. Earlier it was called the “Unsend” feature in beta versions. Now they have renamed it to Recall. After a long wait and a series of testing, WhatsApp is ready to roll out with this feature in their update.

The good news will most likely come sooner for the Apple users with WhatsApp version 2.17.30 being available for download on the App store. Android users will be forced to wait a little longer for the update because Google Play Store is currently offering the version 2.17.190 only. But it is believed that the wait will be over and the update will be released in very near future.

Though recalling the messages being the highlight of this version of WhatsApp, it is also coming up with many other cool features. The version 2.17.30 will have updates like creating an album made of images and videos and sharing it in the chats, addition in languages, enhancements for Siri and lot more.

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